Co Chairs

Mike Amundsen

Mike Amundsen PhotoAn internationally known author and lecturer, Mike Amundsen travels throughout the United States and Europe speaking and teaching on a wide range of topics including .NET programming, Cloud computing, Web application development, and other subjects. He has more than a dozen books to his credit and recently contributed to the O'Reilly book "RESTful Web Services Cookbook" by Subbu Alamaraju. Mike is currently working with, and doing research on the topic of, Hypermedia programming using the REST architectural model. When he is not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his family in Kentucky, USA.

Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young photoBenjamin Young is the proud owner of a seven year web development firm, BigBlueHat. In those seven years, Benjamin has enjoyed researching and develping with "edgy" technologies (which at least were edgy when he found them) such as XML (ah, the 1990's), Apache Cocoon, REST, JavaScript, JSON, and CouchDB. Promoting good technologies has also been a passion and what brought about his involvement with REST Fest. Benjamin is please to be a part of bringing REST Fest to Greenville, SC this September.